La Gola Reserve and visitors centre

La Gola Reserve is located in the town of Puerto Pollensa just off the sea front within easy reach of the shops close co the hotel La Goleta and Mombassa bar.. If you are staying in one of the many hotels on the front it is an ideal walk each day around the lake and woodland scrub.It is a great site during migration and in the last year since the visitor centre has opened there have been many great sightings with Melodious warbler and White spotted bluethroat recorded alongside the Redstarts , Pied flycatchers and wood warblers .Woodchat shrikes are regular as are Hoopoe.

There are normally Egrets and Grey Heron and on occasion you will see a fishing Osprey. Resident Warblers and Crossbills can be found here and its proximity to the Peninsula also attracts Audouins Gulls . During the winter there are many Black Redstarts and also Kingfisher .

There is an information centre at the entrance to the reserve  this is  open most of the year but with different daily opening hours

October Mon -Sat 8am  – 1pm   & 3pm -6pm

Sat 8am-12am

The centre has well as having many free maps of bird sites is manned by an experienced birdwatcher and it is also used as an educational centre for school trips .

Images from La Gola Reserve and visitors centre

Key Birds that can be found at La Gola Reserve and visitors centre

Additional birds that can be found here


Little Egret

Great white egret

Common Sandpiper


Grey Wagtail

Sardinian warbler



Common Redstart

Grey Wagtail


Purple Heron


Yellow legged gull



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