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By KilianKelly
#61854 Hello All,

I'm visiting Mallorca for the first time at the end of the month from Ireland. It'll be a quick visit, with just four full days of birding and a morning on the last day.

I'm planning my itinerary but it's difficult to judge timing, getting around between sites etc without knowing the landscape. Obviously I'd like to take in as many sites/habitats as possible, but I don't want to make it a bird race either. I'll have a car and I'm staying in Alcudia.

Plans so far:
Day1: s'Albufera in the morning and Cap Fermentor in the afternoon.
Day2: Boquer Valley in the morning and onto the Cuber reservoir.
Day3: s'Albufera in the morning and Arta Pensinsula in the afternoon.
Day4: open. Monastery at Lluc, Cuber reservoir and Albuferata.
Day4: short trip in the morning. Salinas de Levante or Son Real.

If anyone had suggestions regarding the above I'd be very grateful. As this is also my first birding holiday, there are likely to be plenty new species for me, and as such I don't have any targets that I'm going to hang my whole trip on. However, I'd love to see Black Vulture. Are there specific sites worth checking, besides Cuber reservoir and surrounds? Of course I'm also hoping for Blue Rock thrush, Balearic Warbler and a host of other species, but if I get to the right habitats I might get lucky!

Any tips appreciated, thanks very much.

Looking forward to the trip.

By andys
#61937 Hi Kilian
Both the Boquer and the Albercutx hold Balearic Warbler and Blue Rock thrush and good local sites for Black Vulture are Mortixt ... a/mortitx/ and Ternelles this is where the colony breeds on the sea cliffs ... es-valley/
On your way from Alcudia to Puerto Pollensa call in at Can Curassa it is normally excellent for migrants in the spring and once in Puerto Pollensa call in the visitors cente for free maps etc la Gola is run by Cristina any more info needed let me know
regards Andy