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By Harper
#50987 Hi folks,

Just back from a great week staying in a villa in the Siller area in between Pollenca and Puerto Pollenca
The Villa looked onto the hills that are between the area and Cala Sant Vincenc.
I was treated with great views of what I am sure where Eleonora's Falcons, they would patrol the hill side in a group of 3 or 4 occasionally swooping down to feed on something. Had a great view and the binoculars with me so great to watch

At night time there would be a strange screeching coming from birds that were roosting in the trees, most sites suggested Owls but it wasn't that, any ideas (I have a recording if anyone's really keen!)


By andys
#51515 Hi Stuart
Glad you enjoyed it and yes they were Eleonoras Falcons and I would guess the calls at night may have been Stone Curlew
Kind regards
By Mike Montier
#52435 I agree Andy, most likely Stone Curlew, they are very active at dusk and continue calling through the night. Mike
By Harper
#52892 Thanks guys, great to know r.e the Falcons. It was great watching them (from my sun lounger!)

I've listened to the curlew call and that was it. It reminded me of the calls I hear when camping in north of Scotland and they're often Curlews.