Discussion on Bird Behaviour
By Yorkie
#6553 On Sunday I was watching a hoopoe feeding under one of the fig trees. He was probing away with his long curved beak and swallowing something every so often. After a while he threw his head back pushing out his breast and lowered down and moved his head from side to side. This lasted for about 30 seconds. He then stood up and began what appeared to be preening for maybe 10 seconds.He then repeated the whole process.
Was this anting? Have hoopoes been observed before exibiting this behaviour? By the way, I did have a look at the spot afterwards and there were lots of ants there. Any ideas.
By Mike Montier
#6555 Hi Yorkie.
Interesting! As far as I know birds look after their plumage in lots of different ways. One is by anting and another is dusting, whereby the bird is thought to remove old oil by brushing the feathers in the dust and then preening to remove the debris.
I don't know which your bird was performing but if you say there were ants in that area, that may be the answer.
Thanks for posting this, Mike