Tucan Marsh (Maristany)

Tucan Marsh (Maristany)

This site used to be very popular twenty years ago before Alcudia became the tourist destination it now is and the site is in the heart of the development. The site is located on the road between the Old town and the port being a lane just before LIDL which just appears to be a dirt track. The site now has large lakes as well as some very good roadbeds and is well worth a visit at any time of the day. It attracts different species in the winter and the summer such as the Purple Heron in the summer and the Bluethroat in the winter but a good local site if staying in the area.

Images from Tucan Marsh (Maristany)

Key Birds that can be found at Tucan Marsh (Maristany)

Additional birds that can be found here

Little Bittern
Night Heron
Marsh Harrier
Great Reed warbler
Gull billed tern
Fan tailed warbler


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