Black Vulture

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Conservation in Mallorca

Black Vulture

In 1982, a plan was launched with twenty specimens of black vultures to prevent the extinction of this species’ sole population on the Island. Although the issue of the declining black vulture population was first raised in 1970, effective measures to halt the extinction and encourage the recovery of the species took place were not implemented until the 1990’s. The Fundacion para la Conservacion del Buitre Negro (Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, BVCF) came on board the project and together with the authorities, egoolgist associations and volunteers, developed a successful programme to recover these birds which today number 110.

Benefitting from this experience and joining forces with the Fundacion para la Conservacion del Quebrantahuesos (the Bearded Vulture Conservation Foundation) the new Foundation is working to protect a number of different European vultures: Aegypius Monachus (Black), Gypaetus Barbatus (Bearded), Gyps Fulvus (Griffon) and Neophron Percnopterus (Egyptian). There is also a project to save  the Osprey as a breeding species and this bird now breeds in several places with several pairs breeding on the cliffs at Cabrera.

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